A Visiting Winery-Kishor Winery



Kishor Winery was established in 2010 in Kishorit village - a village for people with special needs surrounded by natural forest and the landscapes of the Western Galilee.

In the summer of 2007, from the decision to establish a new manufacturing industry in Kishorit village, we planted the first vineyards of Kishor Vineyard overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Kishorit village is home to about 180 graduates with special needs and the vineyard and winery are two of the number of employment branches of the village members, who are partners in the vineyard and wine production.

Today, they are planted on 100 hectares, 500 meters above sea level, 11 varieties of which are produced about 60 thousand bottles a year.

The high temperature differences between day and night, which characterize the area and the rocky soil structure, are an ideal environment for the long and slow ripening of the grapes and give our wines their unique character.