Amir Gewirtzman ‒ Master of the Wind Instrument

Amir Gewirtzman is a master of some thirty wind instruments from a multitude of cultures: saxophone, Scottish bagpipe, Baroque recorder, flute, Armenian dudok, shofar, clarinet, and others. Using these instruments he creates extraordinary intercultural links based on original pieces and songs from around the world.
The solo project he performs, 'She'ifot v'Neshifot' (Aspirations/Inhalations), is a musical ID card which reflects Israel's rich, multicultural mosaic, a complex weave of many opposites, among them East and West, ancient and modern, religious and secular, Jewish-Christian-Muslim, and more.
Gewirtzman's original sound draws on a wide range of influences, and combines his own compositions alongside those borrowed from cultural traditions, all interpreted through his own personal lens. His virtuoso playing techniques are apparent as he plays one or more instruments simultaneously, accompanying himself on percussion, recording and playing live, until it all comes across like a one-man Big Band.

 On opening night, we'll be hosting virtuoso Amir Gewirtzman on wind instruments, with Doron Rafaeli on percussion ‒ a winning combination for an evening under the stars.
And on the second night, our concert stage will feature Dror Ben Gur playing the saxophone.