Photo Exhibit: 'The Fifth Wine Glass'

Photographer Gilad Pony has caught the essence of the local wine industry, and it will be on display in a special exhibit during the Winefest ‒ a rare, rich celebration of place, history, landscape, artisans and artists, neighbours, and wine itself, featuring a wealth of culture and tastes.
The photographic portraits in Pony's exhibit capture a moment in the lives of scores of vintners ‒ starting out in the vineyards and moving on to winemakers, winery workers, curators, wine lovers and connoisseurs.
Naomi Leshem, curator of the show, notes: 'Looking at photographs through the photographers' personal viewpoint allows the viewer to replicate his familiarity with the vintners' world, to sojourn "behind their scenes", and to encounter its fascinating human face'.